June 29, 2022

Where Can You Buy A Manufactured Home?

Modern Manufactured Home Interior

4 questions to consider before buying a home

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Simple steps to buy a home successfully

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Consider your finance options, and then choose the best one available

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Make an offer with some wiggle room for negotiation

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Which other tips do you recommend when buying a home?

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You’re considering the purchase of a new home. Excellent! Particularly if your funds are limited, however, you may consider going with a manufactured home. They are highly affordable options for today's homebuyers. What's more, you may have a wider choice of financing options than you would with a site-built, brick-and-mortar house mortgage.

Here, we are going to look at some factors to consider before you buy a manufactured home. We will then introduce you to a company that not only sells manufactured homes but will work with you on financing. They also have communities available for locating a manufactured home (or purchasing an already-placed home).

Manufactured Home Costs

The entire structure will be included in your manufactured home’s cost, including materials and labor. However, make sure your budget allows for the following "extra" costs (not all will apply in every situation):

  • Community fees (to cover shared amenities and "rent" your parking space)
  • Closing costs (for loans)
  • Insurance (homeowner’s/property insurance)
  • Taxes (property taxes will be paid if you own the home but not the land; to your local government, you'll pay real estate taxes if you own the land and the home)
  • Surcharges (before you sign a contract, inquire as to miscellaneous surcharges with the dealer)
  • Exterior additions (skirting, stairs, porches, decks)
  • Air conditioning (depending on your model, this could be an add-on)
  • Delivery/set up (in the total cost, delivery may be covered in the case of some distributors)
  • Site work (if not setting up in a community, the land will need to be prepared, septic tank installed, driveway, a solid foundation/house pad, and more)
  • Land (once again, this is only if you're not setting up in a community)

Buying a Manufactured Home

Dealers sell manufactured homes – similarly to how cars are sold by dealers. Licensing is required in some states. If you're searching for close-by manufactured home sellers, there are several places to look.

  • Real estate listings (you can check real estate websites, particularly if you're thinking about a pre-owned manufactured home)
  • Manufactured home communities (they may have homes ready to lease or buy and sometimes serve as dealers)
  • Factory dealers who specialize in one manufacturer's product, working solely with them
  • Independent dealerships who work something like car dealerships (they sell to homebuyers after purchasing from various manufacturers)

Ready to Purchase a Manufactured Home? MCM Homes Is Here for You

At MCM Homes, we can help you determine your needs where manufactured housing is concerned. We will ask you how many bathrooms you would like and how many bedrooms you need. Then we can show you several manufactured homes from which to choose. But wait… there's more! We also have a number of manufactured home communities from which to choose in Ohio, Michigan, and North Carolina. All offer specific amenities, and all are in particularly desirable locations.

Don't spend exorbitant amounts of your hard-earned money on a brick-and-mortar house when you can affordably purchase one of today's incredible manufactured homes.

If you'd like information about our homes and/or our communities, please call us at 844-618-0257 or email info@mcmhomes.us. If you wish, you can simply fill out our convenient online form to open the lines of communication.