About MCM Homes

Modern-day manufactured homes have come a long way. Transformed and re-imagined giving you the look and feel of more expensive traditional options at a fraction of the cost. Extraordinary homes for real life!


What We Do

At MCM Communities, we believe in reimagining the future and rebuilding the past. We fortify our resident’s living experience through capital improvements, forward-looking designs, and efficiently operated communities – rendering families a community they are proud to call home. We believe in building the future while restoring the past.

Our property management approach is geared towards exceeding our residents' expectations. We have an expert team and leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver a comprehensive suite that redefine what a Manufactured Housing Community can be. By combining our knowledge, experience, and forward-thinking approach, we ensure that our communities are well-maintained, modern, and provide the best possible living experience for our residents.

By prioritizing quality in everything we do, we create comfortable, safe and enjoyable living environments for our residents and help our clients achieve their optimal standard of living.

Who We Are

We are a manufactured housing operator with verticals in construction and student housing. Our operative involvement in developing our communities provide the right solutions and services that are innovative and sustainable.

MCM Communities offers affordable, luxury manufactured homes to build memories in, like blanket forts in the bedroom and quality time on the couch. Whether you’re tired of apartment life, want a friendly place to raise a family or looking for a home to feel at peace and be yourself in this fast-paced world, MCM Communities has a manufactured home that is right for you.

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How We Do It

Our approach to property management is based on our experienced team, deep knowledge of the local market, and innovative tools and technology. We are forward-thinking, anticipating future trends and challenges to ensure our homeowner's properties are well-maintained.

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Experienced Management

Our team has years of expertise in the real estate industry and a deep understanding of our residents' needs. They are committed to delivering high-quality services that meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that residents are proud of their home and community.

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Pristine Properties

Our in-house construction and maintenance team maintain provide beautifully maintained landscapes. We believe that a well maintained community creates a comfortable and enjoyable living experience.

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New & Remodeled Homes

Building the future and restoring the past is our motto. We have taken a new approach to manufactured homes and look through the lens of luxury residential home builders. We believe in providing luxury and quality, but for a fraction of the cost.

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Prime Locations

Our properties offer convenient access to major cities and highways, while providing housing options that are affordable. Our residents enjoy the benefits of suburban living while still maintaining a comfortable and affordable lifestyle.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

By using innovative software and tools, we are able to stay on top of your needs in real-time. Our advanced technology allows us to analyze data and identify areas where we can improve our services, ensuring that our properties are always operating at their best.

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Quality Standards

We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards across all aspects of our business. From the homes we manage to the services we provide and the communities we create, we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our Team

MCM Communities strives to hire a diverse workforce that shares our vision of what a Manufactured Home Community should be. Our biggest, and most valuable asset is our team members. Our team is considered family and they are highly respected for who they are and for what they can do. We invest in our employees and we take pride in what we do and the growth of each individual employee.

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