November 30, 2022

Museums Near Lakewood Estates

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Lakewood Estates is a quaint community with a rich history. The town was established in 1857, making it one of the oldest communities in Michigan. Because of its historical value, Lakewood Estates has several museums nearby. Some are located within the city of Lakewood, while others can be found near Long Lake and Whitehall. Each museum offers something unique, so make sure to stop by them all on your next visit!

Lake Odessa Area Historical Society

The Lake Odessa Area Historical Society is located at 1117 Emerson Street. On display inside are artifacts found in the Lake Odessa area over time, including items related to farming and agriculture; retired residents' genealogy research materials; memorabilia from various businesses; photos depicting early life in this area (including one photograph believed taken by Henry Ford himself); tools used by early settlers for building log cabins; an old school desk once used when classes were held outdoors under trees because there were no buildings yet constructed at all until after 1872 (when only four out of six grades were taught); clothing donated by residents who wish us well but cannot visit us anymore due to age or illness (they would like someone else besides ourselves who enjoys looking at things like this).

Bolthouse Agriculture Building - Farmall Acres Farm Museum

The Bolthouse Agriculture Building - Farmall Acres Farm Museum is located in the community of Bolthouse and is open year-round, except for major holidays.

The museum holds a collection of agricultural equipment and artifacts to tell the story of farming in Southeast Michigan over the past 100 years. The museum's main exhibit is a restored farmhouse with displays on its first floor, while displays on its second floor are focused on local history and culture.

Clarksville - Campbell Historical Society

The museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Highland Township and its surrounding communities through exhibits such as a model railroad layout depicting life in Highland Township during the late 19th century; photographs of early residents; artifacts; old tools and equipment used on farms during this time period; maps illustrating transportation routes throughout Michigan; other historical documents related to this area's past; as well as displays showing how people lived their lives back then: farming techniques used by farmers whose land was situated along creeks or riverside areas where they could take advantage of water access for irrigation purposes.

Sunfield Historical Society/Welch Museum 

The Sunfield Historical Society/Welch Museum is located in Sunfield Elementary School. Their collection includes photographs, documents, and artifacts from the early days of Sunfield. Open to the public during school hours; it's free for a visit with a welcome donation.

Michigan Library Association has recognized the library as one of the best in Michigan. The library also hosts special events throughout the year, including programs like reading clubs and author talks.

Freeport Historical Society

The Freeport Historical Society is located at the intersection of North and Main Streets in downtown Freeport. The museum is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 4 PM.

If you're interested in learning about the history of this charming town, this museum is a great place to start. You'll find exhibits on everything from early settlers to local businesses and industries and information on area schools and churches. The museum also offers genealogy classes if you're interested in learning more about your family history!


We hope you've enjoyed this list of museums near Lakewood Estates and know there is something for everyone. Whether you are a history buff, nature lover, or just looking for excellent family entertainment, the area has it all!