November 25, 2022

Fixing Seams In Manufactured Home Walls: 6 Steps

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The walls of a mobile house look bigger and more polished when the seams are removed. Manufacturers of mobile homes wrap the walls with vinyl board panels and secure them in place using battens. The battens that cover seams are referred known as "batts" by contractors. The raw seams in mobile home walls are exposed when the batts are removed. The seams are then sealed with drywall tape and a joint compound or plaster solution.

If you’re wondering how to fix seams in your manufactured home walls? Here are 6 steps to do so.

Remove Battens from Seams

The first step that you should do to fix the seams in your manufactured home walls? It is to remove the battens from the seams themselves. But you might be wondering – what exactly are the battens? Well, the battens (that you need to remove) are the thing that is held in place over seams by brads or tacks. They usually also start from the wall's base. And how can you remove the battens then? Here’s how. A putty knife's blade can be slid between a batten and a wall and then turned toward you. Continue climbing the wall in this manner the entire way to completely remove the battens from the seams.


The next step to fixing the seams in your manufactured home walls is to start the cleaning process. After all, you need a clean state to move forward and completely fix up the entire situation.

Here is our recommendation: to guarantee that the seam tape has a strong bond, you can sweep debris and, at the same time, dust out of the exposed seams. This is a fantastic way to not only clean up the seams in your manufactured home walls, but it is also necessary for the fixing up process.

Use Fiberglass Tape

Now that everything is clean and ready, it is time to move on to the fourth step. Here is what you need to do. You need to place fiberglass tape over every seam in your manufactured home walls. And why is this so? This is because it allows you to tape the seams before applying the joint compound. With that said, we recommend the seam tape in the mesh style. This is because they feature an adhesive backing and can help in this process of fixing up the seams in your manufactured home walls.

Seal Taped Seams

The fourth step is to use a joint compound to seal the taped seams. In fact, you (and contractors) might even commonly know this substance as "mud". With the putty knife held at a 45-degree angle, apply a light coating of mud to the tape's surface. Clean up any ridges and rough areas in the mud, then let the joint compound dry.

Sand Surfaces

Next, you need to sand the mud's surface imperfections down. We recommend using medium-grit paper for an easier sanding process. Put another coating of joint compound on top of the mud when it feels smooth to the touch. Following this, you should then wait for it to dry.

Select Wall Covering

Last but not least, you can get ready to complete the dried mud's surface. You can do so by selecting a wall covering after one final sanding. Your choice of paint or wallpaper can now be applied to the seams to complete the entire process.