November 30, 2022

6 Options For Manufactured Home Interior Doors

Modern Manufactured Home Interior

4 questions to consider before buying a home

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Simple steps to buy a home successfully

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Consider your finance options, and then choose the best one available

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Make an offer with some wiggle room for negotiation

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Which other tips do you recommend when buying a home?

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Whether you're looking for an upgrade for the interior of your manufactured home, or replacing an old door that's no longer working, manufactured home interior doors are a great option. There are several different types and plenty of room for customization. Here's a breakdown of the most popular:

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are the perfect choice for any small space and can be installed in any size of the room. They're great for closets, bathrooms, hallways, and more! And unlike other interior doors that require wall space on both sides, pocket doors only require a single wall mount. However, they are more expensive than standard internal door frames.

Pocket door hardware comes in many shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your home best! 

Louver Doors

If you're looking for a way to add style, elegance, and sophistication to your home, then you should consider the louver door style. These doors are known for their ability to make a room look bigger, and they allow natural light to create an inviting atmosphere. Louver doors work well with any manufactured or modular homes because they can be custom-made to fit perfectly within your home's dimensions.

Bifold Door

Bifold doors are an excellent choice for manufactured home interiors. They can open up to let in lots of natural light and are also easy to install. If you're on a budget, bifold doors are affordable compared to other options. You'll be able to keep your home looking clean and modern without breaking the bank!

Hollow-Core Door

Hollow-core interior doors are a popular choice for many homes. They're inexpensive, easy to install, and lightweight, making them ideal for installation in mobile homes or other situations where weight needs to be kept at a minimum. However, hollow-core doors are not recommended for exterior use since they provide a different level of protection than solid wood or steel doors.

French Door

French doors are an excellent option for your home. They're a great way to add style and functionality, especially if you have small spaces. French doors are also easy to maintain and install. They can be used in a wide range of applications, such as the front door entrance or even an office with limited space.

Barn Door

A barn door is a type of door that slides on a track across the width of the opening rather than swinging on hinges. This can be more space-saving than swinging doors, and they make great choices for small spaces where there's not enough room for traditional swing doors (like closets). They're also popular in homes with open floorplans so that you can see most or all of your living areas from one place.

Because barn doors are mounted to walls instead of framing systems, as you would find in houses or apartments, they don't require any additional hardware beyond what comes with them when purchased from a store or online retailer. This makes them easy to install yourself!


We hope you've learned a little more about manufactured home interior doors and their many benefits. The best part is that it doesn't matter which door you choose, as long as you love it! Whether your home has two doors or four, these options will help bring out the best in any space—and we know how much work goes into making sure everything looks perfect.