October 27, 2023

10 Best Restaurants in Black Mountain, NC

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If you loved learning about the great spots we highlighted in our Guide to Black Mountain, NC, you’re in for a treat as we delve into more culinary gems in this quaint town.

With its rich history and vibrant culture, Black Mountain is home to a variety of delicious eateries, each offering a unique flavor and atmosphere. This charming town has something for everyone, from the art lover to the outdoor enthusiast — and especially for the foodie.

In this post, we’re uncovering more local favorites where the dishes are as diverse and delightful as the town itself. Join us as we discover what makes the cuisine in Black Mountain so special, from timeless classics to exciting new blends.

1. Cousins Cuban Café

Cousins Cuban Café is a true gem in Black Mountain, bringing the flavors of authentic Cuban cuisine to the mountains of North Carolina. The founders, who are cousins, bring their family recipes from Miami, Florida, to create a unique and scrumptious menu. Breakfast and lunch are the highlights here, with offerings such as egg bowls, guava mimosas, sandwiches, tapas, and more, showcasing a unique blend of flavors and ingredients. The cozy atmosphere, surrounded by Cuban pictures and mementos, adds to the authentic experience.

Location: 108 Broadway Ave

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2. Open Oven Brunch and Bakery

A popular spot in Black Mountain, NC, Open Oven Brunch and Bakery is known for its long lines, delicious breakfasts, and rooftop bar. They offer a diverse menu featuring omelets, avocado toast, waffles, sandwiches, and more. Vegan options and a kids' menu are available, ensuring everyone finds something to their liking. It’s a bustling place, especially on weekends, adding a lively vibe to the breakfast and brunch experience.

Location: 102 Church St

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3. The Bush Farmhouse

Nestled in a historic building on Ridgeway Avenue, The Bush Farmhouse specializes in South African cuisine and wine, offering a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Their exotic blend of flavors is showcased in dishes like oxtail soup, game hen, ribeye, and whole red snapper, with the restaurant often receiving rave reviews. With its farm animals and exquisite food, The Bush Farmhouse promises a one-of-a-kind, memorable dining experience.

Location: 151 S Ridgeway Ave

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4. The Trailhead Restaurant & Bar

The Trailhead Restaurant & Bar is the go-to place for hearty meals and local brews in Black Mountain. A mix of a dive bar and a cozy restaurant, it offers a plethora of options, including sandwiches named after local hikes and waterfalls, salads, tacos, and dinner entrées. It’s especially popular among locals post-hiking trips, and it offers gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. The Trailhead Restaurant & Bar is perfect for casual dining, and its large portions ensure you won’t leave hungry.

Location: 207 W State St

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5. Berliner Kindl German Restaurant

Berliner Kindl offers a taste of Germany in the heart of Black Mountain, NC. Offering a cozy ambiance that evokes the feeling of a grandmother’s kitchen, this restaurant is sure to make you feel at home. It serves a range of German specialties, including various sausages, schnitzels, and a selection of German wines. Whether you opt for a light sandwich or a hearty German dish, the delicious food and kitschy atmosphere ensure a delightful dining experience.

Location: 121 Broadway

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6. La Tapa Lounge

La Tapa Lounge, a gastronomic gem, brings the vibrant and rich flavors of Spain to Black Mountain, intertwining them seamlessly with local culinary traditions. Founded by chefs with roots in Asheville and Barcelona, this establishment specializes in tapas, an array of appetizing small plates originally designed to go with drinks in Spain. With a diverse menu, including scrumptious tacos, entrees, and protein bowls, patrons are transported to Spanish shores, all while savoring the local flavors of Western North Carolina.

Location: 400 E State St

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7. Blue Ridge Biscuit Company 

The Blue Biscuit Ridge Company pays homage to the classic Southern biscuit, reimagining it in a plethora of innovative breakfast dishes. Each dish is a culinary masterpiece, showcasing the diversity and richness of Southern cuisine. Whether it's biscuits partnered with fried chicken and fried green tomatoes or adorned with unique concoctions like smoked trout spread, each bite promises a wholesome, flavorful experience reminiscent of Southern hospitality and warmth.

Location: 400 E State St

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8. The Clean Plate

The Clean Plate is a culinary sanctuary focusing on locally sourced and sustainable produce. It offers a haven for those who cherish uncomplicated yet flavorful menus, spotlighting an assortment of delectable tacos. The menu, featuring dishes like pulled pork tacos, is a testament to the restaurant's commitment to bringing farm-fresh flavors to the table, fostering a connection between the plate and the produce.

Location: 3206 US-70

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9. Que Sera and Tayloe’s Oyster Bar

In close proximity to the historic train depot in Black Mountain, Que Sera and Tayloe’s Oyster Bar serve as dual harbingers of exquisite seafood. Diners here are treated to a coastal culinary journey, featuring dishes like barbecued wild gulf shrimp and Trout Almandine. Every dish is a flavorful revelation, mirroring the essence of the ocean, and is a reminder of the expansive culinary landscapes nestled within the scenic mountains of Black Mountain. 

Reservations are recommended! 

Location: 101 Black Mountain Ave

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10. The Dough House 

Dough House is the go-to destination for exquisite doughnuts in Black Mountain, offering classics like vanilla glazed and unique specials like chocolate + espresso — all starting at just $3.50. Enjoy the innovative savory garlic butter doughnut, and indulge in a variety of comforting beverages like the flavorful mocha latte. Gluten-free doughnuts are also available, ensuring a delightful experience for everyone.

Location: 601 W State St Suite 3

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Discover a Home of Culinary Delight and Community Warmth in Black Mountain

Exploring the culinary scene is just one of the myriad pleasures that Black Mountain, NC, offers to both visitors and locals. This town, brimming with historic charm and a rich cultural tapestry, is an ideal place for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

For those considering making Black Mountain their home, MCM Communities offers a picture-perfect living experience in this enchanting town. In places like Laurelwood, residents can immerse themselves in the warm, community-oriented lifestyle, surrounded by the natural beauty of the North Carolina mountains — and of course, enjoy easy access to the diverse and delectable dining options we’ve explored in this series.

Whether you’re an adventurer, a food lover, a retiree, or a young family, Black Mountain welcomes you with open arms, offering a lifestyle filled with richness, comfort, and a dash of excitement. As you stroll down the quaint streets, whether you’re heading to a Cuban café or a German restaurant, you’ll find the welcoming spirit and culinary delight of Black Mountain a constant companion.

If you've been enthralled by the charm of Black Mountain and are considering moving here, communities like Laurelwood by MCM are ready to welcome you into a life of scenic beauty, congeniality, and gastronomical delight.